Friday, November 15, 2013

Seven days of Soup: Chili and Taco Soup

Chili is so great, isn't it? (And taco soup of course too) :) I always tend to lump these two together cuz they're so similar. Again, there's nothing like a good both of this goodness to help you feel warm. And I love that chili is so versatile too! You can have it over scones, or with hot dogs, or with chips, or just eat it like soup. It snowed this morning and is still coming down, so I'm seriously thinking about making one of these for dinner tonight! Which one do you think I should try first? Hope you enjoy! 

1. Harvest Chili

2. Turkey Taco Chili

3. Easy Crock pot Chicken Chili

 4. Chicken Chili

5. Taco Soup

6. White Chicken Chili

7. Crock pot Chili

8. Mediterranean Chili

9. 8 Can Taco Soup