Friday, October 4, 2013

Failure Friday

Have you ever felt like a failure? Have you been excited about doing something that you thought would be super easy and fun and you'd be great at? If you haven't, you must not be a living breathing human being with a heartbeat and a soul.  Cuz I know all of us have encountered this at SOME point in our lives.

Now, as I have made this transition into becoming a blogger I've figured out that all of us bloggers try to put our best foot forward and show off all the great things we can do. Its kind of like dating. We hide all our flaws so we won't get dumped before we have a chance to impress. Only with dating you eventually find out all those quirks and weird things - if not through dating, you discover them through marriage.

But ...

...with blogging they're all behind the scene mistakes that usually aren't ever revealed because it's embarrassing and hard to put yourself out there to be critiqued by the world. Anyway what I'm getting at with this is that I don't want to hide my flaws.

If I put off this fake persona that I was perfect you wouldn't be able to relate to me because I wouldn't be a real person. I don't know how many times I've caught myself reading blog after blog, looking at recipe after recipe, clean house after clean house, and DIY project after DIY project and thought "I'm not Good enough. Why can't I get myself to get a hot dinner on the table even once a week for my husband? Why can't I keep the bathroom clean for ONE day? All these women have gourmet looking food every day on their blogs so they must have it on their table. They have beautiful centerpieces and wreaths and their furniture all matches and their houses are spotless."

After looking at all these blogs I get down on myself because I live in an apartment that I can't paint and I have mismatched couches and a folding table to eat off of. And then I have to remind myself I'm a real person that is living a real life.

Having this blog I don't want to do the same thing to you. - Now this doesn't mean I'm going to trash talk myself. Of course I'm going to put my best foot forward because I want people to be attracted to my blog so they'll visit it. Of course I'm going to do everything I can to make my pictures look pretty and talk myself up. But I'm also going to show you my mistakes and admit that I haven't dusted my TV stand for a month. I'm looking at it over my laptop screen right now and it looks seriously nasty!

And so! That is what I'm creating Failure Friday for. Every Friday I'll post something that I worked on that week that didn't quite turn out how I expected. And then I'll tell/ask you how you can get around the problems that I had and hopefully end up with something more successful!

Thanks for reading! 

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