Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tablet Stand

I've been really excited about this post. I have a Kindle Fire and have found that I use it more and more when I bake to view recipes - it's just easier and smaller than a laptop. The only problem is that it's flat and so it's awkward to look at (and sometimes has a bad glare) while I'm cooking but I don't want to pick it up because my hands are usually covered in flower or some other messy ingredient. So, I made this awesome stand for it that would work for any tablet. It was super simple and very affordable to make.

I started out with this regular frame I found at the D.I. for $3. You could easily use any frame as long as your tablet fits within the edges of the frame. I thought about using a metal frame but I really wanted to paint it. I chose yellow to add some sunshine to my kitchen. I just used regular acrylic craft paint from Michael's - I had to paint 3 coats before it looked thick enough to me.

Then after it was all the way dry, I took sandpaper to it to wear it out a little and add some interest. I was worried about the paint chipping off more - especially in the kitchen - and so I added a layer of Mod Podge after a sanded. It made the whole surface smooth and exactly how I wanted it.

The last thing I did was add some scrapbook paper to the frame. I just slipped it in right where the picture usually goes. Also, I was lucky with this frame because it had the perfect amount of a ledge for my tablet to sit on. I was thinking if I couldn't find a frame that stuck out enough I would just glue a wooden dowel at the edge of the frame. Any ideas on what you would do?

I love the frame I got because it easily works with my small Kindle but it would also fit an iPad (if I ever end up with one of those :).)


  1. Hey girl--so cute and clever!! I use my iPad all the time when I'm making recipes!! Cute blog--can't wait to see all you do!! Aunt Dawn

    1. Thanks Dawn! :) I'm excited to get it going.