Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chevron Coasters

So, I found these tiles at the D.I. for 50 cents each. Total steal for a crafting opportunity - Coasters. So I picked my paper and I picked my pattern (Chevron) and got to work. I cut a whole bunch of chevron lines out of my multicolored paper and a couple out of solid paper to throw in a little bit of interest. (My tutorial on how to get the perfect chevron lines can be found here: here).

1. I applied Mod Podge to the tiles (about 2" stripes at a time - it dries too fast to coat the whole tile).
2. Then I placed my chevron lines on top of the Mod Podge. If you look at the picture below, you can see I cut triangle pieces of paper to fill in the gaps on the edges as well.
3. Once the whole pattern was finished on the tile I covered the whole tile in Mod Podge. I tried to follow the zig-zag lines with the Mod Podge to create a unique texture instead of just painting it on in straight lines.
4. I waited overnight just to make sure the tiles were completely dry and hard. Then since the backs were bumpy I wanted to add felt to make sure the coasters wouldn't scratch my table. I cut felt pieces just slightly smaller than the tiles and hot-glued them to the back. Super Simple! And there you have it!