Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekly Calendar

I've seen a project similar to this all over Pinterest. The one I've seen is a recipe planner for the week. I thought it was super adorable but the problem is . . . I'm lucky to know what we're having for dinner an hour before we eat let alone the whole week! So if I made a recipe planner it would just sit on my wall, unused, and gather dust. But one thing I always struggle with is keeping the week organized and remembering where to go when and what I need to do each day. So I decided to create this adorable little dry-erase weekly calendar.

I got this frame at Walmart a couple years ago but I know they still have them along with plenty of other options. I started with cutting sheets of white paper into  8  4"X6" peices - one for each frame. I decided I wanted white because I thought the marker would shop up the best. But any color would do. Then I cut strips of patterned paper - I did these 1"X4". Then I cut smaller white pieces for each day of the week to be written on 1/2"X2".
It was super easy to put it together. I just used cheap glue-stick and eye-balled it. I put all 8 sets together in the same way. Once I had them glued together I took a fine-point sharpie and a ruler and traced around the edges to make it look more defined. You could also use an ink pad to make it look less clean-cut and more artsy. 
Also, I chose to write the days of the week by hand. They could be printed out on the computer but I'm a lot more patient with my handwriting than with computers so I just used a sharpie. Another thing I did that could be done differently is the writing. I wrote the days of the week all the same direction so once they're put in the frame half of them are sideways. I thought about writing every other one up and down instead of side to side but decided I like them all uniform looking - plus I know my days of the week pretty well, so I don't really need to read them ;)
The next step was to just slide all the papers into the frames. You could stop here but I wanted to add a little texture and color to the frame. I thought about painting it but I really like the black. So I just hot glued some beads around the edges in spontaneous places. Also, since the frame has 8 slots - and there are only 7 days of the week - I turned the last one into a spot to write groceries. It could also be used for notes or something else.
And here is the finished product hanging on my wall and already being used! I'm super excited because it looks adorable and will be used a ton. It'll be so much easier to keep track of the week especially with school just around the corner.

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