Monday, August 26, 2013

Bobby Pin Tea Cup

I found another way to paint on glass! I was just looking around Michael's and found this Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paint. You can use it on wood, glass, metal, and fabric. You can use it on indoor and outdoor things - it's weather resistant. You can also wash what you paint in the dishwasher. Also, they have all kinds of colors and types. I used the Satin kind but they also have pearl, metallic, and some others I can't remember right now. And the cool thing about this is if you wait 21 days before washing or using, it won't chip or come off. I made these a couple weeks ago and just went and tried to chip the paint with my fingernail but nothing happened. :) Cool stuff!

Anyway, I found these cute glass teacups at the thrift store for 50 cents each and I thought they would be great for keeping my bobby-pins and hair ties in. My husband is always finding my bobby-pins all over the house, so I thought that having something cute to store them in might help me put them away ;).

All I did was find a good paint brush and start going. It's pretty easy to do a Chevron design if you have a flat brush. Or you can freehand whatever you want if you're comfortable with that. I think it would be fun to have kids paint them - don't got any yet so I had to do it myself. And as long as you wait 21 days before using them, you don't have to worry about losing your design!


  1. That is such a great idea! They are convenient and are very cute as well. It's a fun way to make something dull really cool.

    1. Well I have extra paint, so if you come visit we can make some for you too!!