Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Indian Vests

 If you can't tell from all the pictures, this is a tradition that has stuck in our family! I remember doing it as a kid every year and loved it so much that I did it with my friends later on. So, if you want to enjoy your Thanksgiving season as much as I enjoy mine, you should definitely join in the fun and make an Indian Vest of your own! :)

My brother and I! Looks like we used markers this first time.
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Little me - when I do something, I do it all the way!!

My sister Abby and I. She's always been photogenic - Lol

Three of my good friends from high school. Yes, we are cool!

Okay, enough examples! Let's get on with the instructions:

First, you need a brown grocery bag, scissors, and tape. If your bag has handles, cut them off!

Second, cut straight up the middle of the bag and across the bottom. Cut a circle for the neck hole in the bottom of the bag.

Third, (and this step is optional) is to turn the bag inside out so the Grocery Store name isn't on the outside. It's not very fun to wear an Indian vest that says "Western Family". :) To do this, open the bag up a little and poke your finger into the corners and just flip it the other way. Do this to all the corners. At this point it should look like the middle picture below. Now you'll need to fold all the creases the opposite way they're folded so it still holds the bag shape. Last part of this step is to tape the flaps down so it sits flat.

Fourth, this is what your bag should look like whether you decided to turn it inside out or not. This next step is to cut arm holes in both the sides.

 And that is pretty much it! You can flatten it to paint it. Also, if you feel like it you can cut fringe on the bottom of the vest and make an Indian Headband. The more you do the happier you'll be!! ;)

 Hope you enjoy yourself!


  1. Awww so cute and something fun for the kids to join in and make with you as a family.