Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Candyland Cake

We made this adorable cake for my little sister for her birthday a couple of years ago. Super easy to figure out and it also let's you be creative. She loved it and so did everyone who got to eat it :) A lot of it you can figure out just by looking at the picture, but I'll go through a list of things we used to make it easier. The first thing you gotta do, of course, is make the cake. You can use whatever kind you want. It's easiest to fit everything if you do a 9X13 pan like this. You could do one even larger if you have a good cake pan. Also, make sure you get a good, thick, white frosting. It makes it easier for things to stick together when it's thick.

Once you have all that, it's decorating time! The first and most important part is the actual game spaces - Starbursts. We made a pattern with the colors and laid them out in an S shape. Make sure there's enough room at the end of the trail for the ice-cream castle.

Now, with the rest of it, we had to condense it so we chose our favorites and figured out where they should go. My sister doesn't like nuts, so we didn't include Grandma nut's place, and Lord Licorice was always a creeper so we didn't include him either. Also, we decided that since the whole cake was covered in frosting we didn't need Queen Frosting's land. And we added Marshmallows because they looked fun. So as you can see, there's definitely room for creativity here as you design your own cake.
For Plumpy we used the pink conversation hearts, but since those are only out once a year, I think it would be easier to use Grapeheads (like Lemonheads). It might actually even look better since they're relatively the same color as plumbs.

For Mr. Mint we just use the little circle peppermints. If you were making this cake around Christmas time or you had the foresight to buy and save some, I think it would be really great to add some of those mini candy canes. It would add some height and give it variety.

For Princess Lolly we unwrapped a couple of dum-dum suckers and stuck the sticks in at varying heights. It might be fun to use different kinds of suckers - like those flat transparent ones or the tootsie pops. It's all up to you!

Jolly was super easy. We just got a bunch of gumdrops and stacked a couple on top of each other, using frosting as glue.

Gloppy's chocolate land was fun. We used Hershey's kisses and mini Reese's cups. If you melt down a couple of chocolate chips then put it between the cups and the kisses, it fuses the chocolate together. You can also use Mint patties to stack and add some height to one of them.

If you can tell, we also made one of the rainbow path shortcuts with Dots candy. I think it'd be good to use one of those sour patch rainbow stripes instead. They look like this:

Lastly we did King Kandy's castle. We used 3 ice-cream cones. Two we put upside down and the third we sawed in half and put right side up. Then if you just squeeze some frosting on the tops, they look like they're filled with ice-cream. And of course you have to top them with a cherry (A red Dot).

The final steps were to write "Happy B-day" with frosting on the path, add sprinkles (because sprinkles make everything better), and place game pieces on the path. SO fun! :) Don't you think? What would you add to your Candyland cake?

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