Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shortening a Skirt the Easy Way

The original long skirt
So I had this super pretty looking skirt that I just didn't quite like because it hung funny on me. I figured it was the length and the cut combined. It kind of flares out at the bottom like a mermaid skirt and I thought if I shortened it it would be a lot cuter and more "hip". :)

So all I did was measure about an inch from the elastic waist and cut. Then I held up the rest of the skirt and guessed where I'd want it to fall and measured from the hem to my waist. It was 23" on me. So I measured 23" from the hem all the way around the skirt and cut.

Cut the skirt into 3 sections.
Then, using the top and bottom pieces (shown above), I flipped the elastic piece inside out and pinned the raw edges together (shown below). I had to stretch it a little to get it to match up. (I just tossed the middle piece that was left over.) I think every skirt will be a little different with this step. My tip is to start with the seams on the sides of the skirt and pin them together first so they match up. Then try to find the middle point between the two sides and pin that one. Continue to find the middle points in between pins till you feel like you have enough of it tacked together.

Next, just sew along the raw edge. I left about a 3/4" of edge when I sewed it. Once it's sewed go ahead and iron it if it needs it. I ironed mine a little to get the edges to all point down. I also trimmed the edges a little too because they were a bit big in some spots.

As I sewed I followed along the white stitching and kept that same distance away from it to make sure I was sewing straight.
This is what the skirt looks like finished inside-out

And that's all there is to it!! So easy, so fast! And I think it looks so much better on me. :) How have you adjusted clothes to fit you better?

I just added this to a link party on VMG206 and Share your Creativity if you'd like to check it out.


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